Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don’t give up, believe in yourself

All of us at one time or the other find ourselves right in the middle of a storm. At such times nothing seem to be working in our favour. We even begin to feel that life is of no use. We feel that whether we live or die doesn’t make any difference.

All of us go through such times at some stages in our life. Many call it a rough patch, but don’t give up. When everybody else is looking down on you, that is the time to rise above all. That is the time to introspect.

Sometimes listening to your own heart is better than going by what others have in their heart.
Don’t let negative forces overpower you. When everybody writes you off that is the time to show the best of you. When all around you are pulling you down, cut all those strings of doubts and fly high. Trust in God. The Loving God gave you the power of choice to choose and to live the full life that you want.

You might have made some mistakes but that is not the end of your story. Remember it’s never too late to make a new beginning as life is full of opportunities. If you cannot see them, then create them.

Believe in yourself. Only then can you make other people believe in you. Truly said, you cannot build your credit on what you are going to do. So let your deeds speak.

If you are living in the lowest status of life, a life that always has a strorm, great disappointments and failures, don’t be discouraged and worried because you can rise above the circumstances.

Therefore, stop wasting your time living a mediocre life. Learn to stand up once again and prove to the world that you cannot be easily discouraged by the challenges of life.

Begin today, tag yourself with a higher price. Dream a big dream. Think of a big plan for your life and make a firm resolution to brave mighty storms to turn your plan into reality.

To achieve your dreams, always work hard with definite purpose and don’t ever think of backsliding because the world cannot be won with a doubtful spirit.
So, move on and don’t ever give up!

Always motivate yourself, have faith in God and believe in yourself, remember, the bigger your faith, the smaller your fears. The greater your trust, the lesser your doubts. The stronger your beliefs, the weaker your worries. Therefore, keep up your faith in a loving God and believe in yourself for that will bring you to the door of success!

At times, you may feel the imminent threat of trouble or danger. Unease sets in, while you deliberate on how best to avoid it. Your mood may darken, the spirit – deflated. If the temperature gets hotter and the sparks tempt you to give up remind yourself that your Loving God balances your life by giving you enough blessings to keep you humble and enough trials to keep you strong in the challenges of life.

Determine to face these tests lf life with an open mind, enthusiasm, persistence, and determination and you will be the winner.

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